Hort Park Revisited

Went on a photography outing with my hall’s photographic committee. I realize that I have not been at Hort Park for more than a year. Little did I realize that I also have not photographed dragonflies for an entire year. Yes, I checked the EXIF of my last dragonfly photo and it was about a year back. How time flies. Funny thing is I still feel very new to macro photography… like I just ventured into it yesterday.

The park has changed much too. To my excitement, I saw signs pointing toward a butterfly enclosure within the park. My first chance to macro a beautiful butterfly! Alas, the enclosure was locked when I tried to get in. Came back home to Google about it. Seems that the place is only open to visitors on the last Saturdays of every month… which really puzzled me because I did indeed go on the last Saturday of September (I have my EXIF as proof :P). Maybe the place only opened in the mornings or something?

It was great revisiting the park but at the end of the day it’s definitely not my favorite macro spot. I personally prefer parks or just an area with some trees and overgrown grass. Now, if only had the balls to go jungle trekking or something during the holidays…

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