Poly wants a cracker!

Resuming on the JBP series, I proceeded to a more quiet section of the park, the Parrot Paradise. Here’s a parrot which hung upside down the entire time I was there photographing the little fella. Perhaps, it confuses itself to be a bat?

And this pair of parrots! They look like the characters from some cartoon show or something. Cute.

Maybe its the shape of their heads but I thought they looked like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. The funny thing was right after I took a few shots, the fatter parrot quickly inched away from the thinner one. It was as if the fat parrot was embarrassed to be photographed with the other bird. Haha.

Okay, gotta get back to studying for my test tomorrow. More photos to come!

6 thoughts on “Poly wants a cracker!

  1. AHAHA! You just reminded me that when I first started school in MGS, I used to be called Pinky (after Pinky & the Brain).

    Nah, I think more like Bert and Ernie. But yeah, it’s a good shot! Very interesting stuff. 😀

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