More than meets the eye!

Okay, let’s take a break from the birds and go back to the bees. By the bees, I mean insects of course. Had the chance to photograph an amazing spider which I have probably overlooked in the wild. Was studying last week and I noticed what looked like a very small stick hanging from my desk. Feeling something was amiss, I used my pencil to gently nudge the stick and sure enough, it was alive!

I believe these are known as stick spiders. These spiders are masters of disguise, the Transformers of the insect world. Hanging from a strand of web with their legs all stretched in the same direction, they look exactly like tiny tree twigs caught in an abandoned spider’s web.

Truly, an amazing spider I have to say. Gotta pay more attention to those dangling twigs next time I’m out on a macro shoot!


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