Eye of the Pelican

Continuing with the JBP posts, let’s move on to another species of bird, the pelican! These large water birds are often seen at the park swimming in the water while continuously using their long beaks to scoop up food in the water. Here’s a shot of a pelican landing on the water for a swim.

There is also a pelican feeding cum education session at the park at 2:00pm daily where the trainer throws fish to the pelicans as they sit with their mouths wide open hoping to catch a tasty treat. Of course, the birds will have to somewhat “work” for their food as the trainer also throws the fish in this tank forcing the birds to scoop for the fish in the water using their long beaks. As you can see, things can heat up a little when it comes to matters of the stomach.

For a small fee of $3 (that’s Singapore dollars and I’m not sure if that’s the correct amount), you can buy yourself some fish to feed the birds too! The proceeds go back toward… erm… for lack of a better word, “maintenance” of the pelicans.

And finally, this pelican was hanging out quite near to the pathway. So, I decided to get a little up, close and personal with the bird.

Quite sharp for a heavily cropped shot eh? Obviously, there’s no way I can get a shot that close without cropping (unless I macro-ed the bird’s eye or something but I don’t think the park employees will be pleased with me trying that).

More shots to come in a future post. Hope you’re still in the mood for birds!

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