The Ducks of Jurong Bird Park

Finally had the chance to meet Mr. Shutter Nick the other day as he was making a trip down to Singapore. We decided to meet up and go shoot at the Jurong Bird Park (JBP). I’ve been to the Singapore Zoo once but never the bird park so I was pretty excited and jumped at the idea immediately. Filled up my entire 2GB memory card with photos, was aiming to fill up my other card as well but time did not permit. With so many shots, I’m not sure what to start showing first, so let’s begin with the ducks of JBP!

I did not really went to the park with the intention to shoot any particular species of birds so I wasn’t really aiming for any particular type of photos. The Mandarin Duck did came to my mind because let’s face it, they do make for some very good shots. However, Nick told me that he couldn’t find the ducks on his last trip here. Took a peek at the park map and noticed that there was a location on the map for the ducks.

Tried my best to locate that spot but had no luck myself 😦 Came across these ducks instead.

Think they’re called Wood Ducks or something. Not the best of shots. Soft when viewed at full resolution. Probably due to hand shake as I was shooting with a relatively low shutter speed thanks to the cloudy weather. All shots taken with my Canon 400D mated to the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (non-IS version).

More photos of birds to come. It’s bird season here at Shots of Serenity!


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