Will work for beer!

I was relating to my friend, Victor, on how I helped another friend paint a Buaya Week banner in exchange for beer and he said that really sounds like something Homer Simpson would say. Since I was helping out a friend last night with some Photoshop work for Buaya Week, I was quite in the mood to Photoshop.

Inspired by the ever wise Homer Jay Simpson (yes, I am a big fan of The Simpsons), I came up with this simple design that took about 15 minutes!

My phone number has been changed to prevent unnecessary harassment from random people. Click on the image for the full resolution poster!

Unfortunately, the file is in 72dpi. My printed end product was rather pixelated 😦 But still, not too bad for a first timer, eh? lol. Feedback and donations of beer much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Will work for beer!

  1. Hi Vincent, wonder if u remember me 😀

    Stumbled upon your awesome photography blog. This is fantastic.

    Maybe u can save it as 300dpi when u take it for printing:)
    It won’t go pixelated 😀 haha

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