Topsy Turvy…

The orange spotted tiger moth, a commonly sighted species here in this part of the world. I particularly like the composition of this photo with the upside down moth and the curves of grass in the background. A pity that my external flash could not light up the underside of the moth. I need a ring flash! Anyone wanna sponsor me one? 😛

In unrelated news, I am halfway through my exams. 2 papers down with another 2 to go, 1 on Wed and the last one on the following Tues. As usual, I have a crapload of post examination plans. More on that next time 🙂

4 thoughts on “Topsy Turvy…

  1. Wei… do at least one of those post-exam plans include meeting up with me?=p

    Love the pics btw… =)

    All the best for finals~!

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