Into The Wolf’s Lair

Exams is in a week’s time. My second year as a NUS engineering student is fast coming to an end. Anyway, went for a little macro shoot at my favorite spot. It has been many months since my last visit.

This is a wolf spider. Not sure on the exact species but this is the kind you commonly see in grass patches where they build their web between blades of grass waiting for some grasshopper to land on it. I particularly like the blend of colors in this particular shot. These spiders make for very good macro subjects after the rain. The water droplets hanging from the spider web is simply spectacular!

View the photo in a larger resolution here. I think its best viewed in its full resolution. Unfortunately I did not upload that due to the file size. Oh well, maybe another time. More photos to come – if I find the time to post process them. Otherwise you will have to wait until after the 5th of May.


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