Great success! #2

I was thinking of making this ‘Great success!’ column (phrase inspired by Borat) some sort of permanent column that I write every time I achieve some sort of milestone in photography. The first time I wrote bout this was when my photo was used as a banner ad for a boutique in a shopping mall. This time I’m going to write about some photo competitions I joined recently.

The first competition I participated in was organized by the NUS Photographic Society with the theme Captured (not much of a theme I guess). I sent in 5 photos, one of it being this shot of a lotus flower I took before.

And I came out 3rd with this photo! Quite an awesome surprise. You can view the rest of the winning photos here. Some of the prizes I won include a GP Rechargeable Battery set, $60 camera rental voucher but the main one will have to be a JBL Duet Speaker system. Finally, no more crappy music from my laptop’s built in speakers.

After that, I joined another competition this one organized by my hall’s Photographic Committee. Once again, another 5 photos and one of them, this cherry shot, won me another prize. Woohoo!

I came in 2nd this time! This time it got me this…

A Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive! Just the gadget that I need. With all the photos that I’ve been taking, all my current hard drives have been getting filled to the brim.

Not bad for someone with slightly less than a year’s experience in photography right? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Great success! #2

  1. Thanks Kurt! 😀 I have to admit that these are school level competitions, hence less competition. Don’t think I’ll be that lucky with other bigger competitions.

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