I’m Still Here

No, my blog is not dead yet if you’ve been wondering. Just that being so caught up with routine and the lack of inspiration and time (not to mention the lack of random insects flying into my room) has rather stumped my creativity to continue shooting or writing. However, I will not let this blog die… not yet at least.

Here’s another high key macro photo. Shot against the wall and post processed to wash out all details and texture of the white wall. I shall draw inspiration from the industrious and hardworking ant for both my studies and my photography! Long live the colony!

6 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. eh tons of lizards and beetlebugs in my room these few days sia.. must be the weather.. haha will nudge when i see a nice one =p

  2. lol. It can get quite boring after awhile because you see the same old insects and you are shooting them against the same old boring white wall. Booo… 😦

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