Drops of Serenity

The weather has been rather unpredictable here lately. It would look so gloomy you think the sky would literally split open and the end of the world was approaching. After 20 minutes of heavy shower, out comes the sun again to play. Fickle indeed.

11 thoughts on “Drops of Serenity

  1. oo nice! you could have hung something outside for it to have reflected off all of them and it would have been awesome! well, it’s already a pretty awesome shot.

  2. Thanks Kurt and jd! That’s a very good suggestion! Will try it out the next time after a heavy downpour… just hope I don’t fall out the window 😛

  3. nic, come to think of it, both prizes I’ve won (SH competition and NUSPS competition) were photos taken with the macro lens. So, yes! Money well spent indeed 😀

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