The Late Night Visitor

So I made two sporadic updates within a few days and then I suddenly disappeared for 2 weeks. lol. Sorry guys, been an extremely busy 2 weeks of midterm quizzes and lab reports. Anyway not going to bore you people further. Here’s some macro shots I took like a month ago.

I remember it was like 1am and I saw this ladybird on my room wall. The first thing that crossed my mind was “since when were ladybirds nocturnal?” Since it was flying all over my room, I used this essence of chicken bottle in my room to catch it when it flies off. Funny thing was the ladybird will climb to the mouth of the bottle and begin to circle around it non-stop. And after awhile of firing from my flash it will attempt to fly off and the whole cycle repeats.

That was when I caught this shot. Around 10 attempts before I finally got this 1 shot. The other 9 shots all had an empty bottle with a long gone ladybird. Alas, I think the distractingly bright and blue background (courtesy of my cup) kinda ruined the photo. Nevertheless, I’m still sharing this photo because these are one of those shots you don’t get everyday.

I have to say I’m beginning to miss shooting macro outdoors. Gotta try and set aside some time for that one of these days.


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