The Beautiful Game

I just felt this sudden urge to post up another blog entry before the month of February ends. Anyway here’s possibly my last entry on the Inter-Hall Games 08/09.

Anyway if you know me in person (or have read my about me page), you’ll know that I’m a football fan. So how could I possibly resist the opportunity to test out my new lens by shooting a nice exciting game of football?

Whenever I cover a game, I always try to shoot some artsy fartsy shots, playing with the depth of field and later trying my best to post process it to look as fancy as I can. This is perhaps my favorite photo among all my attempted artsy photos. Though it kinda looks like a poster advert for the Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots.

Shooting outdoor sports at night can be very challenging. Not only to the photographer but to the equipment as well. Even with my lens wide open at f/2.8, shutter speeds were still rather slow. At this point, I felt that my Canon 400D was the limiting factor of the equation. The ISO 1600 is just not enough under such poor lighting conditions.

I’m rather disappointed I do not have any shots of any goal celebrations. Luck was just not on my hall’s football team and they did not register a single goal this season. There were tonnes of near shaves but for some reason, the ball refuses to cross the line into the back of the net.

There was one game my hall team played in the evening. Unfortunately I got the time wrong and arrived late 😦 So I decided to stay around and just take a few shots of the other hall teams playing before the sun disappeared. As you can see the games here are just as competitive with all the shirt pulling and stuff.

Well that’s all the better sports shots that I have to share. Up next, back to the creepy crawlies?

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