It has been an awfully busy period for me lately and finding time to blog has been difficult lately. But enough about that. Let me share the photos I took of the IHG Swimming event this year. And yes, all shots were taken with my new baby, the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM!

First impression of the lens? It’s totally made of awesomeness. The bokeh (the quality of the background blur) is smooth and creamy. Isolating your subject from the background has never been easier.

The sharpness is razor sharp even when wide open. The lens is even more sharper when stopped down to smaller apertures. All swimming shots were taken at f/4 with varying shutter speeds. The one above is my favorite from all the shots I took that day.

Lastly, the autofocus speed is very fast. However, I’ve been having some problems nailing the focus when shooting sports. Currently, I shoot sports using the AI Servo autofocus mode with the center focus point selected. This combo has given me some sharp shots before but can still be rather inconsistent. Still trying to google and read up more about this.

All in all, the lens is a joy to use. The weight is definitely not an issue and after a while you probably won’t even feel it’s there. If you’re hunting for a good telephoto lens and have the money, then get this lens!


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