Thoughts on CNY 09

So why have I not updated for more than a week? Well, there were the Chinese New Year festivities but mostly because I do not have any material, new photos whatsoever to show or write about. The past few weeks have been largely uninspiring.

I had the opportunity to visit Chinatown before the Chinese New Year long weekend. The decorations were really nice but alas I did not take many photos. Mainly because it was an outing with my hall’s photography committee members. Since I didn’t want to hog onto my own camera the whole time, I didn’t have the opportunity to take many shots. I wanted to come back on my own but alas I couldn’t make time for it.


Along the week I fell sick with a fever. Then came Chinese New Year and it was finally time to go home. The journey home was horrible since I was sick. Upon arrival at home I noticed that I had developed rashes all over my body. That’s not good. Fever with rashes can only mean Dengue fever. I was seriously dreading having to spend my holidays at home in the hospital but my worst fears came true when I was hospitalized on Saturday (2 days before CNY).

If there’s one thing I hate about myself is that my veins (or is it arteries?) cannot be clearly seen on my hands. Blood tests are a nightmare as the nurse pokes me time and time again in an attempt to draw blood from my hands. When all else fails, she turns to drawing blood from my wrist… which I assure you is not that fun.


I guess it’s not all bad news after all as the blood tests reveal a negative for Dengue fever. I was still hospitalized because my blood platelet count was low. And I guess another piece of good news came when the doctor allowed me to be discharged just in time for the CNY reunion dinner.

I suppose I should have been glad and thankful. But after everything that has happened whatever CNY mood that was building up in me prior to the festivities have all dissipated. I tire easily each day (doesn’t help that I had a lab report to finish).

Last year I had chicken pox. This year some viral fever. Let’s hope next year will be better.

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