Capturing the Game

It’s sports season here in NUS for us students who stay in hall as it’s the Inter-Hall Games (IHG) for the academic year 2008/09. IHG is an annual friendly competition among the six halls of NUS as they compete and vie for glory in various sports such as soccer, badminton and others. Not that I play any sports but the IHG season affects me too as this is a very busy period for us hall photographers because we need to do coverage for each of the games our hall is playing in.

Holland vs Germany

This shot here was taken last year in the first ever sports event I covered (which was a game of soccer). Soft. White balance screwed up (fixed to the best of my ability in Photoshop). I like the composition but I know it’s not that good either (cropped hand of the far left player). The photo is obviously not perfect but for a first timer back then, I guess it ain’t too bad, aye?

Next up, some more recent photos I took of sports games.


2 thoughts on “Capturing the Game

  1. Shooting sports is only fun when you have the equipment to do so. Like having a 70-200 f2.8. Unfortunately neither me nor the hall’s photography committee have the resources to acquire one 😦

    I think I took that shot with a Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6 at maxed out ISO settings.

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