Christmas 08: The Performances

What I like most about the Christmas experience in Singapore are all the various performances and shows put up by different people along Orchard Road and in the shopping malls.

Let’s start with this random group of people singing Japanese songs along Orchard Road. Don’t really know who they are but they seem to be quite good. The way they dress remind me of hippies though…

Perhaps of all the shows put up, what I enjoy most are the choirs and their caroling performances. Christmas just doesn’t seem complete until you hear those carols sung by a good choir.

If you don’t know yet, I’m in my hall’s choir group and we were caroling too at Wheelock Place (a shopping mall along Orchard). So, if you happened to catch this choir group performing at Wheelock then it was my group! Drop me some feedback or if you took any photos of us caroling do send it me. Haha.

And lastly, a shot of a dance performance at Ngee Ann City. Not really my kinda performance but the photo is definitely my favorite of the whole Christmas set.

I hope that everyone of you had a magical and happy Christmas. Now let’s look forward to the new year!

As much as I’d love to take some photos of the fireworks on new year’s eve in Singapore, I’m afraid I won’t be doing that since I will still be in Ipoh. And I seriously doubt Ipoh’s fireworks will be anything to shout about… if there were any in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 08: The Performances

  1. So christmasy, Vincent!! Hope you had a nice time back home for Christmas. Mine seemed like a rather quiet affair this year. Must be the bad economy. Le sigh. Anyway, how long will you be in Ipoh ?

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