Christmas 08: The Streets

I have been to Orchard Road to check out the Christmas decorations quite a number of times this year. The place can get seriously crowded on weekends. Imagine moving slowly shoulder t0 shoulder with the people around you as you carve your way through the crowd. Here’s a long exposure shot to illustrate what I mean.

Along the street you’ll see plenty of Christmas decorations and ornaments set up for those touristy photography moments. The theme this year is a A Sweet Christmas in the Tropics. Hence you see all the decorations with giant candies and lollipops.

There are people dressed up as various characters around the story of the birth of Christ. I’ve saw people dressed up as shepherds and of the three wise men. Here’s a shot of a Roman soldier.

The shot above was taken with my macro lens and I just love the sharpness of that lens. I can see the dude’s nostril hair and facial hair when viewed at the photo’s original size.

But it’s not just Orchard Road itself which is beautifully decorated, the shopping complexes and malls do their own fair share of ornament hanging and decorative work as well. And not forgetting a Christmas tree to setup as well.

Some photos of the Christmas trees to follow in the next post.


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