Old is Gold

I guess it’s quite normal these days to have a band performing or at least some sort of entertainment going on during wedding banquets. And when I say band, perhaps the image of a bunch of live, energetic youngsters rocking the stage away comes to mind? Or maybe just some dude on stage with a guitar serenading the crowd with his voice? Well, not on my cousin’s wedding…

These two oldies are old enough to be my grandfather. Yet here they stood on stage singing, playing the keyboard and some percussion instruments. And hell, can they sing well. What’s more amazing is that they performed the entire night! Where do they find that energy at that age? Some kinda super Tongkat Ali drink?

This uncle with specs was also the emcee of sorts as he made announcements of the groom and bride’s entrance and so forth. His choice of vocabulary was a little funky though. Whenever he wanted us to remain standing he’ll ask us to be upstanding. Maybe it is some super Tongkat Ali drink…

All in all I think they did a great job entertaining the crowd… well, I know I was entertained at least πŸ˜‰

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