My Cousin’s Wedding

So the whole reason why I went down to Penang for the weekend was actually to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner (I’m stuck again in Singapore by the way). Rather than take a bus up north, which is a whopping 12 hour journey, I took a flight there instead. Here’s a confession though, that was my first time flying. So, yes, December 6th 2008 marked my first experience on an airplane.

I decided to pack along all my photography gear there… which isn’t much actually. My camera along with my flash unit and three lenses. It was quite heavy and I probably won’t do it again. Anyway, let’s get the photos rolling. Here’s the groom (my cousin) and the bride making their entrance into the restaurant.

The opening of the champagne. I seem to constantly have the chance to take photos of people having difficulty popping open that bottle like the time I covered for the SoC Gala Dinner.

And the compulsory toast with the never ending shouting of Yum Seng (like how you say cheers when you’re making a toast).

Didn’t take a lot of photos during the wedding dinner cause I didn’t want to get in the way of the official photographer. If you think this is not a big deal, think again. Here is a guy who’s trying to do his job and to deliver the goods he’s getting paid for. The last thing he needs is some annoying retard with a 400D constantly getting in his way.

Will be wrapping up the Penang trip with another entry and a few more photos of the dinner night.


2 thoughts on “My Cousin’s Wedding

  1. The place is really quite small… like there’s just enough space for two people to squeeze through between the tables. And there were actually more than two photographers if you count the non-DSLR users as well. It really was quite packed and crowded 😛

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