Appetite for Love

I was pretty excited when I caught sight of these two hoppers, my first chance to capture insects mating!

But as I observed the pair and began taking shot after shot from various positions and angles, I started to wonder if they were actually doing the deed? The larger grasshopper below (which I assume to be the female) is actually eating. Eating while having sex? Doesn’t seem like the right combination to me. Hmmm…

Anyway, I will be away until next Monday on holiday in Penang. Will wrap up the macro shoot with a few more photos next week. Until then, take care!

4 thoughts on “Appetite for Love

  1. justapple, this kinda multitasking a bit too much liao. lol.

    steph, I’ve heard of all kinds of fetishes but eating is a first to me. Haha.

    nic, actually I thought it was a mother-child moment too but I don’t think hoppers take care of their young. And in the insect world, the males are usually a lot more smaller than the females.

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