Expressions Revisited

Picking up from where I left off, I will be sharing a few more photos from the children’s event I covered a few weeks back before moving back to MORE macros of bugs. This time I’ll be showing more close-up portraits kinda photo, the emphasis on the facial expressions of my subjects. I’ll have to admit though that most of these shots were taken quickly without much thought to composition since I was more concerned about capturing that smile or expression.

Its all in the head, sister.

"It's all in the head, sister!"

I don’t know what the boy was saying but I thought his facial expression and action was just priceless. Strictly speaking though the photo is rather crappy. First of all, too many details and too cluttered – people all over the place, random hand jutting out from bottom right side of the photo. Secondly, might not be so obvious at this size, but the kid is actually out of focus. The focus was on the girl instead. D’oh!

There’s just something about this kid’s beautiful smile that I can’t seem to describe with words.

And finally, this kid was lying on the floor when I walked pass so I just snapped a photo of him. The upside down composition is deliberate hence I didn’t correct it on Photoshop. I guess he was quite caught by surprise. Also, he threatened to kill me if I didn’t delete his photo but like all kids he got distracted and forgot all about it šŸ˜‰

Well, that’s some of the better shots that I have to share. Quite busy with my preparations for the final examinations at the moment but I think I can squeeze in some time for one final entry before going into a temporary hiatus.


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