Food Chain

There are two fascinating insect behaviors which I’ve always wanted to photograph. One is of insects mating, the other is of insects eating, preferably of the predator and prey nature. And finally, I got my first experience of the latter on my last macro shoot.

This is a white crab spider. These spiders don’t go running around to hunt and neither do they build webs to catch prey. Instead they use their awesome camouflage to blend into their surroundings and pounce on any unsuspecting insect which lands near them. Words do not do justice for the awesomeness of this spider displayed on this Youtube video.

My apologies for the lack of shots for this great moment. Alas, I could not find any better angles without compromising the background turning it completely messy and distracting. Another thing which I didn’t want to do was to force myself into the grass patch which might startle the spider. I’m all for finding the perfect shot in such great moments but I’d rather do it without harming my subject in any way.

It seems that I’m always bumping into awesome photographic opportunities only to look back and feel disappointed for not trying harder to find a better shot. Hmm…

Anyway, this will be the last photo I have to show of the macro shoot. It’s time to show some non-insect photos on this blog of mine. Will do so in the next entry.

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