The Lynx

One of the species of spiders that I’ve encountered and photographed most ever since I got hooked into insect macro photography is the lynx spider. The lynx spider photographed here is the Burmese lynx spider.

Commonly found in grassy areas, the lynx spider is easily distinguishable by it’s spiny legs and how 6 of it’s 8 eyes are actually arranged to form a hexagon on it’s head. To be honest, I’m not so sure where the other two eyes are…

To hunt down prey, these spiders are fast, agile hunters equipped with very keen eyesight. Probably the reason why I can never approach one of these spiders near enough to get a good closeup shot of the face. They usually scurry off into the thickness of the grass when they sense any danger.

Spiders, I’ll never get sick of shooting these beautiful eight legged hunters.


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