Well, not exactly my own backyard, but someone else’s. There’s really no need for me to travel great distances to find insects or spiders for my macro shoots. Sometimes we just to fail to see that some of the best choices in life are the ones under our very own noses. Okay, let’s not get into some deep philosophical shit here.

Colorful fly.

All these shots were taken within campus. I noticed that there were some rather thick wilderness in certain parts of campus with tall trees and tall blades of grass. A perfect haven for insects. In fact, I was quite surprised at the number of butterflies I saw flying around the area. But since I went in the late afternoon, the butterflies were all very active and constantly flying around. I never seem to have any luck photographing butterflies so I didn’t get any shots 😦

Not sure what caterpillar is this. I think its a moth's. Identification anyone?

I prefer to shoot alone most of the time so that I can explore and rest at my own pace. But more importantly so that I can just drown myself in my own thoughts and emotions, be in my own world. However, I found out that shooting macro with someone else ain’t so bad after all. Especially when 2 pairs of eyes are better than 1. Someone else might just spot that beautiful spider you happened to overlook.

The road not taken...

But of course, it would be great to travel to other locations too to photograph other types of insects and wildlife. For now, a trip to the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve is top on my list. Heck, maybe a day trip to Pulau Ubin too if I’m feeling adventurous. Or maybe a night macro shoot! (Some insects are nocturnal). But I definitely need to find some company for that. Not so comfortable at the idea of entering the wilderness at night and alone 😛

As always, my favorite shot is the last one ;)

As always, my favorite shot is the last one 😉

I can’t freaking wait for the semester to be over!


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