Buaya Week 08/09

My blog have went neglected for almost two entire weeks. It’s high time for an update.

Besides my studies and being involved in my hall’s photography committee, another hall event which is seriously eating up a lot of my time is Buaya Week!

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what Buaya Week is all about, it’s basically a tradition in my hall, a week long game whereby each resident is assigned another resident of the opposite gender and within this week, we must do everything we can to show our love and appreciation for that person without disclosing our identity. The word ‘buaya’ literally means crocodile in the Malay language but in this context it’s used to describe a person’s attempt to court someone.

Basically, it’s a secret pal or angel mortal game blown out of proportions with a tinge of romance. When I say blown out of proportions, I seriously mean it. I’ll let the photos do the talking instead. Here are some of the things that people do during Buaya Week.

Decorating your significant other’s door. This is a good place to start and more for the low profile crocs.

Funny posters. All you need is a working printer, some A4 paper, basic Photoshop skills and lots of humor and wit and you’re ready to go.

Bed of roses. I’m sure these would’ve cost the guy an arm and a leg.

Huge ass banners. Now this is what I meant when I said blown out of proportions.

And many, many more other things ranging from the sweet and romantic to the downright weird and creepy. Heck, you can even find some interesting videos from Youtube by searching “buaya week”. You can find more photos from my hall’s photography committee website here.

As for what I did for the person I was supposed to buaya? Well, that’s another story for another day. I didn’t really do much myself since I don’t have that much time and am lacking in the creativity department too.

All in all, I had fun during Buaya Week. It’s not the kinda thing you get to experience in hostels everywhere around the world (especially not in Malaysia). Here’s to hoping I’ll be here in Sheares Hall again next year to experience another week of romance and craziness.


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