Great success!

I had a pleasant surprise on Sunday when my friend Keat Yin texted me. He was the guy who invited me along to his friend’s model shooting a few weeks back. Just to refresh your memory, the shoot was for advertising purposes of the costumes worn by the models. Anyway, my friend texted and said that one of my photos has been printed into a poster put on display at the shopping mall where the costume shop was located. He later sent a photo of the poster on display.

Photograph courtesy of Keat Yin

I superimposed my actual photo of the poster just to give you a better view of the shot.

The photograph is not all that great or mindblowing (from an artistic point of view) but I guess it fulfills its purpose of advertising the costume well. For an amateur photographer with less than a year of experience, this is a great honor indeed. Hoping to go down there and get a view of the poster myself one of these days.

8 thoughts on “Great success!

  1. Hi Eli! Thank you! 😀 Hi, uncle if you’re reading this. Haha 🙂

    Thanks Nick. My friend said she’ll help me get payment for it but she cannot promise me anything. I’m not really expecting much either since I went there and just slacked around most of the time. But, of course, it’d be nice to get paid 😀

  2. wowow .. no need study liao

    take photo to make a living .

    when you wanna help shooting for playboy magazine ? invite me to tag along yea…

  3. Thanks Steph! I am indeed beaming 🙂

    LOL @ Xu Shen. I also wish I can abandon NUS and take photo for a living 😛 Aiya don’t say Playboy mag la… if I can get Maxim or FHM kinda mags also good ah. lol.

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