“Remember what you came here for…”

Comm Fair

So little time, so many things to do. The past week had been an extremely busy week for me. Three mid-term exams and committee interviews to conduct… which explains the lack of new blog entries and photos to publish here.

Last week, was also my hall’s committee fair whereby each committee will set up a booth of their own, promote and conduct interviews for hall residents who are interested in joining any of the committees. If you don’t know yet, I am one of the exco members of my hall’s photography committee. And interviewing 41 people ain’t no easy feat. Not only was it mentally exhausting, it took up a lot of time as well. Then there was the arduous process of selecting some of the better interviewees as well

And for the weekend, I had to finish my tutorials for this week as well as a lab report to type. Not to mention, study for the lectures I skipped last week since I needed more time to study for the mid-terms.

Wanted to go out to shoot some macro during the weekend. Decided against it since I thought I needed more time for the tutorials and lab report.

Wanted to go out to shoot today as well. But the weather decided to be all gloomy the whole day. Not wanting to risk being caught in a storm I decided against it. But what do you know? It didn’t rain at all. This is also the fecking last time I’m believing in a weather forecast.

All in all, I have not had the best of weeks. Could really use a break and a nice dose of motivation now.


3 thoughts on ““Remember what you came here for…”

  1. Thanks, Nic and Steph for the support! Will try and make some time go out and just do some mosquito feeding cum bug hunting πŸ˜€

    Nic, the interview was for hostel residents who were interested to join the hostel’s photography club. We are in charge of covering hostel events as well as to cultivate and nurture an interest in photography.

    But since slots were limited, we had to conduct interviews and only took in the better ones. Better in terms of commitment and personality, not so much of photography skills.

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