Singapore’s Funniest Insects

I wanted to go shoot macro on Wednesday but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. I thought of exploring the remainder of Kent Ridge Park but was lazy to do all the uphill climbing. I decided in the end to just go to the bus stop and take the first bus that comes along. My destiny shall rest in the hands of Singapore’s efficient public transportation system.

Before long came the bus which could take me to Hort Park. So I hopped aboard thinking Hort Park it is. When I arrived, I remembered that there is another park connected to Hort Park. A nearby signboard says it’s a 2.5 kilometer walk away. However, there’s a nature trail along that path. That looks like a good place to start.

The trail is thick with vegetation and grass. A haven for insects and it didn’t take me long to find interesting subjects to shoot. Let’s start with another cute grasshopper (similar to the one I shot for my first try of macro). This one seems to be playing peekaboo with me.


Then there was this dragonfly. I believe it is a Grasshawk Dragonfly (Neurothemis Fluctuans). Notice how it’s front legs are poised as if it is ready to kung fu my ass. He must be good friends with the praying mantis. Enter the dragon.

"You want a piece of me, boy?"

And lastly (for this blog entry at least), this insect (identification please?) which seems to have a permanent smile on its face. Cute.

"Don't worry, be happy! šŸ˜€ "

Going to split this single macro shoot into a few blog entries since I have more shots to show but yet have not finished post processing them. Next time, I will be writing about my favorite arthropods of the animal kingdom. Here’s a hint – it’s your friendly neighborhood superhero.


4 thoughts on “Singapore’s Funniest Insects

  1. i love the first one. =) priceless! won’t be coming to singapore this weekend. but i hope i can kidnap you one day so you can teach me how to macro beautifully. grin.

  2. I love the first one too but my personal favorite is the second shot. Probably because it reminds me of Kung Fu Panda. LOL šŸ˜€

    Aww… drop me an email when you do come by Singapore. And I think you should kidnap Mr. ShutterNick too.

    *evil laughter*

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