During the model photo shoot I blogged about in my last entry, I actually had the opportunity to do some macro photography as well. There were orchid flowers used as decoration on each of the tables outside the hotel’s cafe.

I never knew the insides of an orchid flower looked like this. There seems to be crystals sprouting out or something. Fascinating.

I am more of an insects person when it comes to macro photography. Flowers are nice too but I’m always unsure as to where to focus on in a shot. Also, I have difficulty getting the flash to illuminate the stamen and insides of the flower. I believe it is better to just use a longer exposure and get the ambient light to fill up the background instead of using a flash. Hence I conclude that a tripod is a must when it comes to flower macro photography. Unlike insects, flowers won’t be running or flying away. You have all the time in the world to set up a tripod, frame and focus your shot precisely.

And then there were some lotus plants outside in this mini pond outside the hotel.

The black background is achieved via flash and a high shutter speed.

This is why macro photography is so fun. Looking through the camera you see a whole new world. A world usually taken for granted but when magnified into photographs gives its viewer a whole new perspective of things. This, my friends, is the beauty of macro photography.

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