Of Angels and Demons

My friend, Keat Yin, asked me to join him in a model photo shoot. He’s not one of the photographers but he knows the models personally. So, I decided to tag along anyway to see what’s it all about. The purpose behind the shoot was for advertisement purposes. The photos will be used on a website to sell the costumes the models were wearing.

The shoot was held in a hotel lobby. It was my first time trying out an indoor portrait shoot and not having a tripod seemed to be my biggest problem since the lighting was very dim. The official photographer of the shoot came prepared and it was obvious, he was very experienced.

I had the chance to observe off shoe flash photography whereby a cord is used to connect the flash unit to the camera. The photographer is then free to hold the flash and direct it in whatever angle he desires (so long as the length of the cord permits). It’ll be good for macro photography too since insects tend to hide under leaves or in secluded areas whereby the flash might not be able to reach. The bad thing is that you’ll definitely need to be shooting with a tripod since there’s no way you can hold the camera firmly with one hand and directing the flash with the other.

I didn’t take many photos though, mainly because I felt like I was getting in the other photographer’s way. He’s getting paid to do this shoot so I wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of his shots in any way. I just shoot with any of the models available whom the other photographer is not working with.

All in all, it was a productive day taking a few shots myself and observing other more experienced photographers at work. If you’re interested in purchasing such costumes, these are the details of the shop.

Atsuki GL
#03-10 Liang Court
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel : 6338 7278
email : atsukigl@live.com

To get there : MRT NE5 Clarke Quay Station
Bus service 32, 54, 195, 64, 123, 143 & 139

p/s: I noticed my photos look like crap once I upload it to Flickr. The colors are not as vivid and look rather dull compared to the actual photos on my comp. Anyone know what’s up with Flickr? Don’t think I had such problems before this.

Update: Problem fixed. I did not save my photos in sRGB color mode.

3 thoughts on “Of Angels and Demons

  1. Interesting. Hrmm Flickr never tone down my colours before but there have been cases of smudging.

    But I use Flickr to resize the pics, so that could be the problem there.

    I believe the quality of cosplayers in Singapore is way better than the Malaysians. Looks like we have a long way to catch up.

  2. I’ve found the root of my problem after some Googling. I did not save my photos in sRGB hence my web browser could not calibrate the colors correctly. Will reupload all the photos later when I have time šŸ™‚

    Really? I have never been to any cosplay events in Malaysia so I have no idea.

  3. keat yin?….lol…his friend lei geh?

    how come keat yin didn take part one..he would be great if he become majin buu MUahahaha

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