This is the story of a girl…

I purposely left out photos of Rachel in her Japanese school uniform outfit in my last entry. Why? Because when I looked through the photos again, I find that they actually tell a lame story.

1. Rachel is trying hard to study.

2. She sees something interesting and is distracted from her book.

3. Sick of studying, Rachel takes a casual stroll while munching on some Rocky chocolate biscuits. Don’t we all miss the carefree and happy days of life?

4. She spots a stalker handsome photographer shooting her from behind some bamboo bushes.

5. The shy Rachel scurries off to hide behind a pillar.

I posted the exact same thing at the Photomalaysia forums and interestingly, one person commented that there is nothing bad or anything too spectacular about the photos which makes me feel like I’ve hardly made much improvement since my first shoot. Perhaps model portraiture really isn’t my kinda thing. I’m not the kinda person who likes to talk and give instructions to people I don’t know well.

Maybe street portraiture will be more of my style… but that means I really have to turn into a stalker.


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