Model Photoshoot (24 Aug 08) – Vol. 2: Rachel

* All shots taken with Canon 400D + Canon 100mm f2.8 + Canon 580EX Mk II
* Check out my Flickr for a larger resolution of the photos

First and foremost, meet our featured model for this blog entry, Rachel!

Like I said in my previous entry, I learned a lot from this outing. I learned that sometimes the best background for a portrait shot may not be a beautiful scenery or such. Sometimes, a simple wall with a single color will do the trick just nice. Besides, this also eliminates the whole problem of having a distracting or cluttered background.

Once again, communication between photographer and model is important. Treat the model with respect. Make him or her feel comfortable. Every pose and facial expression should look natural and this can only be achieved when the model is comfortable working with you. Sometimes, a word of praise helps to boost the model’s confidence and make him or her more at ease.

Know beforehand how you want to pose the model. I’m a noob at posing myself but I reckon you can find a lot of information if you Google it. But the basic rule of thumb I go by is to try and bend every joint possible (at your own discretion). Here’s something that Stevie taught me, “Start with a simple pose and progress from there. By just repositioning a single limb from the first pose you have created another one”. Facial expression is also of utmost importance here. Know what emotion you want to portray in every shot. It helps if you had a theme going here. Remember that portrait photography is not about taking photos of a good looking model.


Cornered & Trapped

Lastly, another tip from Stevie, when unsure of what angle or position to shoot from, just bloody hell shoot from every possible position and angle you can think of – left, right, lie down on the floor, etc. When you’re done with the shoot, review your photos again. See which poses worked and which did not along with which angle or position it was taken from. Take note of them and think of how everything could be improved.

That’s just a rough number of things I can think of which I picked up from the shoot. Will I be going for another model shoot soon? Perhaps. But for now, I am thinking of using my Macro lens for what it is actually intended for.

And finally, a big thank you to our models, Candy and Rachel for participating in the photo shoot!


2 thoughts on “Model Photoshoot (24 Aug 08) – Vol. 2: Rachel

  1. ooops.. din notice your two other articles on rachel pics.. hee..

    anyway i love ya insects shots man!!

    got chance teach me n lend me ya equipment for learning k!


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