Model Photoshoot (24 Aug 08) – Vol. 1: Candy

* All shots taken with Canon 400D + Canon 100mm f2.8 + Canon 580EX Mk II
* Check out my Flickr for a larger resolution of the photos

Not wanting to give up on portrait photography, I signed up for another model shoot on the 24th of August. This time I signed up with a different organizer, Stevie (nickname mambostevie in the Clubsnap forums). Judging from the various messages posted by other people in the forums it seems that the shoots he organized are more newbie friendly. I decided to gave it a shot and sure enough, I learned a lot more than I did for my first shoot.

For this shoot, there were only two models, Rachel and Fiona. Unfortunately, Fiona was down with a skin allergy and she couldn’t make it. So replacing Fiona, we have our first model – Candy.

Coincidentally the shoot was held at the same venue with the shoot I attended a week before – Clarke Quay. I thought I was going to be getting more or less the same shots again, different model same background but boy, was I wrong. I was with a much more experienced group this time, some of them having started their photography journey back during the film days. Needless to say, they know how to pose the model and they know what kinda background to look for.

Oh, and the theme for the shoot was Japanese students! So the models were given a set of that Japanese sailor school uniform outfit. There were props provided as well on that day – a Japanese language textbook and a box of Rocky biscuits (those thin long biscuit sticks with chocolate at the end).

Alas, I don’t have many good shots of Candy because it was getting late and the sun was getting brighter. A lot of my shots of her have the background totally overexposed and totally burned out into a solid white. Guess I have to work on my angles to avoid such things. I shall end this post with a photo of the models in the compulsory kawaii pose (and a sneak peek to Rachel as well).

Will write more on what I’ve actually learned during the shoot along with photos of our second model – Rachel.


3 thoughts on “Model Photoshoot (24 Aug 08) – Vol. 1: Candy

  1. heya vin..

    was searching with my nick and happen to saw your blog in the search.

    After reading the article on the day u attended my shoot, i am glad u learnt something from the shoot and enjoyed.

    Anyway, dun give shooting! take it as a leisure hobby like wat most of my khakis does..

    if have any more free time, do click on clubsnap n see my ongoing shoots , if free to join, drop me a msg again.

    u mention u shot minimum of candy but seems like u got more pics of her on the post here.. hee..

    do take care and have a merry christmas!!

    See you ard!!


  2. Hey Stevie! I still check on Clubsnap all the shoots you organize but due to my busy schedule I can’t seem to make it most of the time 😦 Hopefully will have the chance to attend another one of your shoots again. lol 😀

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