SoC 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

First of all, my apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve had a very interesting weekend last week but I did not have time to update my blog throughout the week. It was a hectic week of attending classes (especially 4 hour long lab sessions), rushing tutorials, covering events for my hall and so forth. Finally, the weekend is here and I have some time on my hands to update on what I did last week. Yea, I guess my blog will have a time lag of 1 week.

Let me start with an event I covered on Saturday night – the NUS School of Computing (SoC)’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

It was held in one of the ballrooms of the Hilton International Hotel along Orchard Road. Like all formal dinners there’s always the complimentary speeches, awards ceremony, entertainment and sometimes even games. I shall not bore you with all the details of the speeches and who won what award. because I can’t remember who won what also. Instead, let me highlight one of the more interesting performance of the night.

Meet the illusionist, Jeremy Pei.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the usual magic tricks before – various tricks with playing cards, making things disappear into thin air (or the other way around) and the list goes on. Jeremy does that too but what I like about his performance is how he incorporates music and his dancing into the show.

Among some of the more interesting tricks Jeremy did for the night were carrying this table by the table cloth only…

and the obligatory beheading trick.

He even had time to pose for a photo. Not only is he good with his magic, he’s quite the entertainer and joker as well. And yes, the guy made it back in one piece with his head in tact.

Jeremy offers magical entertainment for corporate and special events worldwide. You can get more information about him from his official website.

Besides that, the emcee for the night, Chris Liew, was also great.

He kept the crowd entertained the whole night with his funny jokes and attics. He’s pictured above doing a Bollywood dance around a tree (the guy being the tree).

All in all, I had fun covering the event. And to add icing to the cake, it was a paid photo coverage event. Getting paid to do what I like, there’s nothing else I can ask for.

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