Model Photoshoot (17 Aug 08) – Vol. 3: Amanda

* All shots taken with Canon 400D + Canon 100mm f2.8 + Canon 580EX Mk II
* Check out my Flickr for a larger resolution of the photos

This entry will be somewhat of a conclusion of the things I’ve learned and experienced from the shoot. Ending the trilogy of posts will be my photos on our third model, Amanda.

Being new to photography, I have been experimenting and trying out different fields of photography to find out which one I would like best and in a way, to “specialize” in. For now, macro photography really feels like my kinda thing (more on why it is in another entry). And since macro lenses make decent portrait lenses too, I decided to try out portrait photography as well, hence me signing up for this shoot last weekend.

However, I’m gradually feeling that portrait photography isn’t really my kinda thing either. Don’t get me wrong, I had lots of fun during the photo shoot and I really enjoyed myself. There was a bit of a language barrier (I can’t speak or understand much Mandarin) but I still had a great time. Besides, there are some jokes that cannot be stopped by any kind of barrier… 😉

I posted up my photos in a photography forum that I frequent hoping for some comments and criticism. I only had like 2 replies in the end. What does it mean? I’m not too sure myself but I concluded that there is nothing technically wrong with my photos (like the exposure or white balance) because if there was any, people will point it out. But there was still something missing, something which would give my shots the magical touch and oomph it needs.

One of the most essential part of professional portrait photography is the interaction and communication between the photographer and the model – which is something I seriously lack in. Also, I went to the shoot not mentally prepared perhaps. I should have thought of a theme perhaps, a range of poses and emotions I wish to portray in my shoots… rather than just shoot photos of a beautiful girl with an out of focus background.

However, I’m not thinking of giving up on portrait photography yet. I’m thinking of signing up for another model shoot this coming weekend. However, I will be having a rather packed schedule ahead so we’ll see how things go.

Lastly, a big thank you to the models – Sharlene, Pei Yu and Amanda for their time and effort participating in the shoot.

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