Model Photoshoot (17 Aug 08) – Vol. 1: Sharlene

* All shots taken with Canon 400D + Canon 100mm f2.8 + Canon 580EX Mk II
* Check out my Flickr for larger resolution of the photos

Before I begin, allow me to introduce our beautiful model for today, Sharlene.

And now, for the rest of the story… Decided to sign up for a group model photo shoot through the ClubSnap forums (a Singapore based photography forum) since there was one particular shoot which was quite cheap at $17.80 for 3 models.

The shoot was held at 9 o’clock in the morning at Clarke Quay. The area is well known for it’s night life with all kinds of pubs and clubs established in the area including the famous Ministry of Sound. It was rather weird to be at the area in the morning since it was completely deserted with most of the shops yet to open for business. Even the MRT station was empty and I was the only person to alight at the stop.

Generally, the group model shoots work this way. The participants are divided into groups and each assigned a model for a limited amount of time. Models are rotated between the groups until everyone has had a chance to work with each model. Usually this will be the time for a short break as the models change into a different set of clothing. After that, the cycle repeats. A simple and effective system – unlike the free for all at the Tamron Photography Workshop in Ipoh.

And as I was saying, this is Sharlene, the first model which was assigned to our group of 5. She’s a fun model to work with and my hats off to her for complying with all of our requests on different poses and stuff. There was once we wanted her to run towards us and jump while we take photos of her and she was kind enough to do so despite wearing heels (she took it off) under the hot sun. I don’t have shots of that though cause I screwed up big time for those shots. *sad smiley*

I will be splitting my blog entries of my experience to 3 parts mainly due to the time taken to post process my photos – adjusting white balance, cropping, boosting of saturation and so forth.

Will write more on my thoughts and experience during the whole shoot in the next entry along with photos of the next model – Pei Yu.


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