I have been missing in action and my blog has went neglected for more than a week and I apologize for that. I’m slowly adapting once again to life here in Singapore. It’s always tough for me everytime I make the transition from home in Ipoh back to Singapore. It kinda sucks all the life out of me and I lose my desire to do anything productive at all. Initially, I had many plans on coming back early to Singapore. Photography opportunities are abundant here in this happening city state as opposed to the sleepy town of Ipoh. Unfortunately, classes will commence next Monday and I’ve done nothing on my list except for buying a few things. I still have a few days left and we’ll see what I can accomplish.

Nevertheless, my camera has not been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I have been covering some of my hall’s orientation activities.

The theme for this year’s orientation is WHOOSH with the tagline Discover Your Destiny. Pictured above are the Sheares Welcome Orientation Committee (SWOC) members with the orientation banner behind them. I was to cover the first 3 nights of the orientation, wanted to get my duties out of the way early as I wanted to spend time with her when she returns to Singapore. The other photos from the orientation will be uploaded here shortly.

Experiencing some of the orientation activities again made me realize how fast 1 year just sped by. Alas, my first year was a year to forget. I won’t go into detail on everything but it just wasn’t the most memorable of times.

My second year in NUS will begin shortly. So far, things have been proceeding smoothly with my module biddings and everything (Thank God for that). Here’s to hoping for a better and more productive year ahead in university!

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