Tamron Portraits Photography Workshop & Contest, Ipoh

Found out about the workshop from Ban, decided to attend since there will be models for us to shoot during the workshop. If you own a Tamron lens, you may submit a photo you took of the models during the workshop for the contest as well. You can also test out some of the Tamron lenses during the workshop. Too bad, Ban was in KL, so I had to go alone. The workshop was held at the Majestic Station hotel which is at the Ipoh railway station.

There was a talk on the basics of portrait photography, nothing special that you cannot find on the Internet. There was also a short session with Mr. Foo Kok Kin who shared with us some of his work and experience. After that, a Tamron salesman talked to everyone about some of Tamron’s line of lenses. Personally, I’m not much of a Tamron fan since they don’t have a service center in Singapore. The only well known and popular Tamron lenses are the 17-50mm f2.8 and the 90mm f2.8 macro. And finally, it was the time that everyone has been waiting for – the model shooting session!

There were 2 models for us to shoot while there were easily 50 or more photographers. It was madness. Everyone was crowding in front of the model to shoot. It wasn’t the best environment to shoot in and to be honest I was getting very pissed and annoyed. There were people who pushed and shoved their way to the front. Some moved right into my frame while I was focusing and ready to press the shutter button.

As much as this workshop was meant to be for beginners, it was clear that the majority of the participants were experienced and some veterans who are probably 3 times older than I was. Well, I don’t blame them. Everyone loves freebies (as in the free model shoot).

To top it all off, it was raining and it was not very bright. Since I did not have an external flash unit, I had to rely on my pop up flash to fill in while I cranked the ISO all the way up to 1600. As a result, my shots were quite noisy especially when viewed at it’s original size.

I used my Sigma 18-200mm OS during the photoshoot. I have to say, the focal length covered makes this lens extremely versatile and useful. I could shoot half body and full body portrait photos with relative ease. Of course, this lens is definitely not the sharpest lens there is around but the results are good enough for me.

During the talk, we were told that an important aspect of portrait photography is that we must get to know our subject or model, to treat them with respect and not like a piece of meat. Ironically, we were not even told the names of our models that evening. Some people tried to ask the model but with the amount of photographers hounding her, she didn’t really had a chance to tell us. As a result, everyone just addressed them as “miss” or “leng lui” (pretty girl in cantonese) during the shoot.

Lastly, there was this Tamron book illustrating the different lenses and sample images of Tamron lenses which were given to Tamron lens owners ONLY. Like wtf? Isn’t the whole point of the workshop (and the book) to promote and advertise Tamron’s lineup of lenses? Don’t you want to convert us non-Tamron users all into Tamron fanboys?

All in all, it was a great experience. Not too bad for my first model photoshoot though it could’ve been a lot more better. But hey, it is free after all. A big thank you to all the organizers of the events namely Futuromic Photo AV Sdn. Bhd. and others.

The Tamron Portraits Photography Workshop will also be heading to other major cities throughout Malaysia with Johor Bahru next on the list, followed by Kota Bharu and lastly Malacca. Click here for further information.

4 thoughts on “Tamron Portraits Photography Workshop & Contest, Ipoh

  1. @ iCalvyn,

    I thought it was silly that they chose not to have a workshop in Penang. I think you can get a larger crowd any day in Penang than in Ipoh. But nevermind lah, Penang got lotsa other interesting events to shoot also πŸ™‚

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