Japanese Garden, Ipoh

Went to the Japanese Garden along Jalan Tambun last Saturday with Ban. Not much to say about the place as it is really quite poorly maintained. The flowers are dying (not that there’s a lot to begin with) and the water in the pond is murky.

Anyway, the whole point of visiting the place was to test out Ban’s reverse macro ring. It’s an interesting piece of gadget which allows you to mount your lens on the camera reversibly to allow for better magnification and depth of field to do some macro photography. There are cheap DIY versions of it on the Internet if you google about it. I probably won’t be trying that out as I’m not the most careful person around. Wouldn’t want to do any permanent damage to my lens mount.

I don’t have many photos of the place because
– the place wasn’t interesting to begin with
– I forgot to bring my 18-200mm OS along
– and I made the most newbie mistake of all time: I forgot to charge my batteries (d’oh!).

This is perhaps the only so so photo that I have. I still don’t like the shot though as the background is just too messed up and distracting. This has been the mistake I’ve been making over and over again when taking photos – not paying enough attention to the background. Now, I try to consciously remind myself to not rush the shot and pay attention to every detail before hitting that shutter button.

Anyway, I should be going back to Singapore in a week’s time. Looking forward to shoot some cityscape photos of Singapore at night, do some street photography and also get a few more items in the shopping list. A macro lens maybe, I’m looking at the Sigma 150mm f2.8 macro lens. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Also interested in getting a sturdy tripod and external flash. Damn, I’m spending too much money on this hobby. Guilt trip!

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