DIY Lightbox

This is a fairly common do-it-yourself setup for doing some indoor macro photography. A simple search with Google will yield you tons of useful results on detailed steps on how you can build one, so I’m not going to talk much about building one.

I got myself a DHL 10 kg parcel box and made the cuts entirely as shown on the website. I taped some kitchen roll on the sides of the box though I believe a plain sheet of white paper will do too. For the light source, I was too lazy to go out to get the worklights and neither do I have an external flash, so I used a normal fluorescent light tube instead (the exact ones you have on most house ceilings).

Here’s a picture of what my general setup looks like. I got the idea from another website so for detailed instructions you can click here. For further examples or other variables of the setup you can try these forums or ultimately you can Google for it.

Anyway, some results from using the light box.

First up, took some shots of my old semi-pro camera, the Olympus SP-500UZ. That’s quite a mouthful indeed. No point for me to write a review on it since its a pretty old model and I don’t even know if its in production anymore (probably not).

I never really liked the camera. It gave me some problems right from day 1 with some weird memory card error which keeps popping up. Brought it to be serviced and it comes back with the same problem. Never really bothered in the end.

The DIY light box is a good setup for taking nice photos to be used in a review on your website or if you are trying to sell a product online via Ebay. You can use a background color of your choice but the ones commonly used are either white or black.

Here’s a final shot of my watch.

The possibilities to this setup is endless. Use a background of a different color. Add a piece of plastic, glass or tile under your subject to create a subtle reflection.

You can check out these forums for further guides or inspirations:


4 thoughts on “DIY Lightbox

  1. Very inspiring, although I have no idea when I’m going to graduate to taking indoor shots. I’m still fiddling around with my G9 (just got it 3 days ago – yeah its been out a long time).

    Thanks again for the tip on lightbox.

  2. @ Gerald

    I wouldn’t call shooting indoor shoots as “graduating”. lol. Go out there and capture some great shots with the G9. It’s a great camera I must say. The only reason I’m spending so much time shooting indoors is due to my paranoia of getting robbed or my camera snatched. I’ll be doing more outdoor shoots when I’m back in Singapore šŸ™‚

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