Besides imparting me with his words of wisdom, my cousin also gave me these old photography magazines of his.

And when I say old, I really do mean old.

Reading through some of the magazines, I am sure that if I were to be born 10 years earlier I probably would have never ventured into photography. Before the dawn of digital cameras, films were the storage medium used for photography. Back then every shot you screw up would’ve cost you money (wastage of film).

I have the utmost respect for photographers before the digital era. Being new to photography, I feel that I’m being spoiled with many features that new photographers during the olden days did not have. For example, I could view the result of my shot right after I take it. And if I were unhappy with it, I could just delete it with the press of a button, recompose and shoot. Back then, if you were still new to photography, you probably don’t have much idea how your shot would’ve turned out until you develop the photo in the dark room.

Some of the content in these magazines is not quite applicable to me. Equipment reviews, darkroom techniques and a whole bunch of classified ads. However, the articles, on photography techniques like composition for example, are still useful and applicable to me. All in all, a good read for the rainy days to come.


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