I was reorganizing and cleaning up some files in my laptop when I stumbled upon some shots I took months ago for some of my hall’s Voluntary Corps events. I like volunteering to do some charity work but I’m never really the kind who could sit down to talk and entertain a child or an elder. So I figured I’ll volunteer to help but in my own way – photography coverage for their events.

The first event I covered was for an old folks home visit.

This old man has just received a photograph of himself with a volunteer which was paired up with him for the day. It was a very fulfilling moment for the volunteers, especially to see such a warm and happy smile on this uncle. I like the shot a lot though I think I could’ve worked on a better angle to avoid the somewhat distracting background.

Another event which I covered was a children’s workshop held in our hall. The event aims to teach the children about teamwork, making mind maps and a bunch of other stuff in a fun manner.

There was a cooking session when the children were supposed to fill melted chocolate into those cupcake containers to be made as chocolate. The chocolate would be given back to the children at the end of the event. Of course being kids, many of the children end up eating the ingredients up instead, like this little girl here.

Again, guilty of a distracting background – notice the fingers on the top far right. I didn’t realize one of the volunteers was trying to pose with this little girl when I took the shot (actually I didn’t want to include the fella also la). So I had to retake another shot with the both of them. Needless to say that shot lacked the candid bowl-licking moment.

Meet Aliff from Beyond Social Services in Group C.

There was this kid who tried to snatch the camera away when he told me he wanted to see the photos. Kids these days…

All in all, I’d say I had a great time taking photos and covering for the Voluntary Corps events. I’ll be glad to do it again next semester.

*All shots were taken with the Canon 400D + Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6

In some unrelated news, I’ll be off to Penang with my family for the weekend. Will be back on Monday. Hopefully will have some nice photos to upload when I’m back.


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