Langkawi (22 – 25 May 2008): Mangrove Swamp Tour

We went on a tour around the mangrove swamps and a few caves on the third day of our trip in Langkawi. Boarding the speedboat from Tanjung Rhu, first off, was the customary eagle feeding. For those who have absolutely no idea what eagle feeding is all about, it just involves the boatman throwing pieces of meat into the water for the eagles to soar in and grab it.

I so regret not having that Canon 70-300mm IS USM lens.

Next up was feeding some monkeys along the banks of the mangrove swamps.

This very monkey proceeded to hump another monkey before even finishing his bread. Monkey porno was the last thing we had in our minds. I have a photo of the monkeys in action but its rather out of focus and blur.

Our first stop was the fish farm which is actually just a platform floating on water in the middle of nowhere.

The lads lining up to molest a giant sting ray. There are some other interesting fishes kept here as well like a few barracudas and some of those fishes (whose name eludes me at this very moment) which spits water out to hit their prey.

Next stop was Gua Kelawar (literally Bat Cave in Malay). Price of admission = RM1. Honestly, this place was a complete rip-off. You pay RM1 to see a bunch of bats hanging on the ceilings of a cave with their shit lying all over the ground. Some shots of everyone at the cave entrance.

Lampard’s Syndrome is a highly contagious disease capable of spreading from 1 person to another 3 persons within 5 minutes of walking through a dark cave.

Symptoms include celebrating scrappy and fortunate goals as if you totally deserve it and have won the game.

Lame jokes aside, we were supposed to stop at another cave but we decided not to. Instead our next part of the tour brings us to the Floating Restaurant. No prizes for guessing where and how the restaurant looks like.

The prices are rather on the steep side but that’s pretty much expected. I didn’t eat anything myself as I had a very heavy breakfast on that day (buffet breakfast at the hotel). While waiting for the food to arrive, we were treated to more Fish-Farm-like entertainment.

The puffer fish or ‘fugu’ as the Japanese call it. The guy just grabbed the fish out and started agitating it to make it bloat up.

Guan Sing with his plate of Crab Fried Rice. No idea how good it was but the crab portion looks rather generous. Don’t expect top class fresh crabs though. This guy has probably been long dead and frozen before getting throw into the frying pan.

For our last activity of the tour we proceeded to the open seas for some fishing. No big catches though and I forgot all about taking photos. The fishing thing is not usually part of the tour though and we had to bargain and ask the agent about it beforehand.

This pretty much concludes and summarizes the Langkawi trip so this shall be my last post on the trip. Conclusion: Langkawi is a nice place to visit, not just for the booze cruise, cheap chocolate and cigarettes, but also for the scenery and the many interesting places to visit.

6 thoughts on “Langkawi (22 – 25 May 2008): Mangrove Swamp Tour

  1. LOL, where duck duck??
    LAMPARD no KC = CFC sux…balik kampung la drogba….pergi berlakon di holywood better… OSCAR winner

    Thanx for the shirts vincee..Nice photography

  2. KC holding his own camera to take photo also ma. The bottles and Asahi I didn’t take. KC’s camera. So not my fault la Nickor forgot bring back Asahi πŸ˜›

  3. puffer fish!!! oh gosh, I still can’t believe I was poking at them without knowing what fish they were in Perth. AHAHA. πŸ˜›

  4. Anti-Lampard must be jun lin….from the words “balik kampung la drogba…pergi berlakon di holywood better” clearly illustrates his frustration that Liverpool cant get the btr of Chelsea while Man U did. πŸ˜›

  5. to Anti-Lampard: let me quote cw’s phrase, ‘… Liverpool cant get the btr of Chelsea’. lol.

    Lampard’s Syndrome? from 1 person to 3? lol guys, welcome to my Chelsea Fan Club!

    Asahi “memorable” pics are with me btw and I fear for the safety of those who have the pics as well =p

    and vincent, great photography work! keep posting! =)

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