Langkawi (22 – 25 May 2008): Bird Paradise

Greetings everyone! This explains for the lack of posts on my blog lately. I just came back from a 4 day 3 nights trip in Langkawi. It was my second time there to the duty free island, a paradise for smokers, alcoholics and chocolate lovers. You can get all these at dirt cheap prices with a pack of cigarettes almost half the price of what you’ll get elsewhere in Malaysia.

On the second day of the trip, we visited the Langkawi Bird Paradise. Greeting us at the entrance was this poor eagle who was chained to his stand.

The price for entry is RM12 provided you’re a Malaysian citizen. The one thing I like about this place is the opportunity to feed and interact with some of the birds and animals which is not available at the bird park in Kuala Lumpur. The parrots here don’t talk cock or sing songs but at least we get to feed them.

Of course, comparing it to the the KL bird park would be unfair as the one in KL is huge with a bigger variety of birds and animals and not forgetting the bird shows which they have daily.

Unlike the camwhore peacocks in the KL bird park, the peacocks here seem somewhat lazy and retarded. They just stand around and never bother displaying their feathers. Maybe its all that cheap liquor as Michelle suggested… I had to wait and camp for awhile before one decided to be a man and do the right thing.

However, the main attraction which really attracted our whole group and ate up most of our time were the rabbits. You can enter the rabbit pen to feed and play with rabbits.

I took all these shots somewhat randomly by just lowering the camera to meet the rabbits on eye level and shot away. There just wasn’t enough space and too much rabbit crap lying around for me to lie down and shoot while looking through the viewfinder. I’m somewhat happy and satisfied with the shots though. And yes, that’s my hand with the nuts.

All in all, the place isn’t spectacular nor does it have anything to scream about. The only reason you’ll want to go there is to be able to tell others that you’ve been there.

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