Of the many things that Singapore is different from Ipoh (or Malaysia to be specific), there is one thing which I am most aware of within myself. That one thing which I feel uneasy and uncomfortable with every time I come home. That one thing is the lack of a sense of security. Back in Singapore, I could walk and roam the streets at 4 o’clock in the morning still feeling relatively safe (I’m actually more afraid that I might bump into other… things, if you catch my drift). Here, I’m scared to even walk out to my house compound at 12 midnight. Who knows, some psycho might be lurking in the darkness with a parang.

I complained of a lack of inspiration and interesting subjects to photograph. I seriously think I need to get out of the house more often to find stuff to shoot. But we all know snatch thieves are quite common in Malaysia (no, I don’t carry a handbag if you’re wondering) and I’d hate to lose or damage my camera to some faggy pussy on a motorbike.

Fortunately, inspiration did somewhat hit me closer to home. I wanted to do a mini theme on stolen or vandalized properties.

A fire hydrant with its covers stolen.

A pipe with a stolen pipe meter.

No doubt, paranoia kicked in the moment I stepped out of the gates of my house with the 400D in my hands. But I guess, if something unfortunate did happen, I would’ve been bitching about it right from the start. My paranoia might be somewhat uncalled for but I think its better to be safe than sorry. I’ll leave the street photography back in Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. Loved all four shots! Fav was the first one though! Thought the second shot would have been better if less tilted. As for the third one, I think either less base or more base would have worked better for me. Always remember the rule of third! The last one was really eye catching I think. Who would’ve thought something as commonplace as could speak so loud as a centerpiece! Loved your theme in here overall!

  2. ooh you bought a 400D? coolness! the first picture’s really good. but it’s a bit senget ya =) so my nitpicking sensor has picked up, unless u intend it to be that way

  3. good grief!are you that bored that you actually roamed outside your house and decided to take a picture (though however profound it was) of a FIRE HYDRANT?
    i recognize the walls of the school in front of your house. poi lam is it?sorry..cant really remember!

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