One of the most frustrating things I’ve encountered since venturing into photography more than a year ago with my Olympus prosumer camera was finding interesting things to shoot. Of course, back then there was also that limitation of the prosumer camera not being able to produce some of the images I had in mind, like a very narrow depth of field shot for flowers. With my Canon 400D that problem is not here to haunt me anymore but yet I still have difficulty looking for interesting things to shoot. Maybe I’m just lacking in that creativity department.

Today, I tried to just go out to my garden and look for anything interesting to shoot. Not much luck on that since there weren’t any nice pretty flowers to shoot. The few flowers that were in my garden were either drying or looks rather unappealing with all the insect bites and whatnot. Even if there was a nice flower to shoot the background wasn’t nice (as illustrated in one of the photos from my first post). I did manage to find some stuff to shoot after looking around for about 30 minutes.

With the day fading away along with the sunlight, I had to call it a day. Alas, I wasn’t very satisfied or happy with the shots that I did take. I feel that a good photo must be able to capture the viewer’s attention straight away to the main subject. Only after that will the viewer naturally ‘explore’ and look through the background or other elements of the photo.

In this shot, I was trying to isolate that one seed from the rest of the bunch. I think I got the focus alright but the lack of color contrast seems to be a bit of a pain to the eye. To the average person, this could perhaps be just a big ugly patch of brown?

For this one, I was trying to capture the patterns and lines from the leaves of those small palm-tree-like plants. However, I only seem to got the main branch in focus. Maybe I should have closed the aperture down and had the whole branch in focus?

I do find it hard to judge my own work at times cause I tend to be harder on myself. Hopefully, these shots are not as bad as I think they are. lol. Tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “Searching

  1. Heya there Vincee!

    Long time no see! Neway, I was surprised that we shared the same passion for photography. I have my own virtual album but lotsa them are amateurish shots as I’m only using a Sony DSC T-100 but thought I’d do some composition shots. I thought your seed picture was really cool. However, if you could focus on one whole seed instead of only part of it, it would be clearer. As for the palm tree shot, I do agree that a shot of the whole leaf would have been better. However, u might wanna try a macro shot of it’s grains – that might give u an interesting composition if u get the right lighting. Neway, that’s just a suggestion. Also are u using adobe? If you are, I’d suggest that you do more experimentation with the lighting and white balance stuff. As well as the trichromatic intensity. Those really give a superb boost to your shots! Just my 2 cents…


  2. Yo Bryan!

    I’ve been into photography since after STPM. Only got the DSLR recently after using my hostel’s photography club’s unit for awhile.

    Thanks for all the comments! I think I’m guilty of using a too narrow depth of field for all my shots. Haha. Yea, I use Photoshop but don’t really edit much. I shoot in RAW format and I adjust all the white balance and lighting manually but I’ve never tried the trichromatic intensity thing. Will give it a look. Lotsa free time now leh… lol.


  3. Pretty 🙂
    I like the picture with the two ants&flower!
    Man I wish I had 3 months to burrnnnn rawr haha
    Enjoy it and post more picturess! =]

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